Thursday, March 29, 2018

Budget Related Q&A

1.  How do we avoid overspending?
This may not sound easy, but decide on a budget and stick to it. When deciding on a budget choose five things, as a couple, that are the most important elements that you may want to spend a little extra money on. Bottom line: if it is not essential and you are not going to look back on your wedding day wishing you got “fill in the blank” for your special day then you should consider doing without that item. That being said if you are able to save big on an item that otherwise would have taken up a lot of your budget or choose to eliminate something feel free to treat yourself to that something extra you wanted, but be sure to discuss it with your partner first.
2.  Should we get wedding insurance?
Wedding insurance is always a good idea but not a necessity in most cases. It is a great way to protect your investment and some wedding venues require you to purchase wedding insurance when you book your date with them. To get full details and/or purchase wedding insurance go to travelers insurance: or You will notice below is a partial list of items your wedding insurance may cover depending on your provider and chosen level.
No Dress
You can get repair or replacement cost if the bride's wedding gown or groom's tuxedo is lost or damaged.
We can reimburse your deposit if a vendor goes out of business, declares bankruptcy before your wedding, or simply fails to show up.
You can receive repair or replacement cost if the bride's or groom's wedding band is lost or damaged.
If severe weather (such as a hurricane) forces you to postpone your wedding, we can provide reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.
If your photographer's film is defective, or negatives are lost or damaged, we can help reconvene your wedding party to take new photos or video.
If the bride or groom is unexpectedly called up to duty, or her or his military or service leave is revoked, forcing you to postpone the event, we can provide reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.
You can get repair or replacement cost if your wedding gifts are damaged.
If the wedding needs to be postponed because sudden illness prevents the bride, groom or their parents from attending, you can receive reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.

3.  Is an “off-season” wedding really less expensive?
Yes. If you are planning to have your wedding between November and April (especially January, February, or March) you will save about 25% on your wedding. By booking off-season you have a much better chance of getting discounts and special offers from many of your vendors. Another money saver would be to book your wedding on any other day of the week but Saturday. 

4.  Can we count on paying for our wedding with the monetary gifts we get from our guests?
NO. Never count on the monetary gifts to pay for your wedding. Great Aunt Gertie may have a mansion and quite a bit in the bank, but maybe she has not been to a wedding for a long time and still thinks thirty dollars is a great wedding gift. All joking aside…This is truly not a good idea because you are taking a huge gamble on there not being anywhere near enough money to pay for your wedding. You won’t want to be ill prepared to pay for all of the bills that will inevitable be arriving. Also, many vendors require full payment the week before your wedding anymore so paying after the wedding may not be a possibility at all.

5.  If my parents, in-laws, or other family are paying for our wedding completely or contributing to a special element of our wedding should they be allowed to have say in how we spend the money they offer?
Yes. It is only fair to include them in choosing the element(s) they are financially assisting you with. Many will not force their opinions and ideas upon you, but if they want to be fully involved there are many ways to appease them without giving up your own dreams. First, ask them if they would like to be involved and if so ask them which element(s) they would most like to be a part of. Second, go with your fiancé for the first appointment with “Vendor A” to see what your options are before you get too many opinions and ideas thrown at you. If they did not go to the first appointment invite them to the next appointment to show them a small number of options that you and your fiancé liked the best. This way they will feel involved in the process, no one will get overwhelmed, and you will still have something that is just what you have wanted. Also, involving them from the beginning by taking them to an appointment will help you to avoid possible issues and resentment later. Finally, be sure to write them a nice thank you card or take them out to dinner as a thank you for their support.
6.  Is it okay to ask parents or close family to help pay for your wedding?
Yes, but do go about asking in a tactful way. Be prepared with estimates, photos, and vendor information ahead of time. Being prepared will help to make them comfortable in helping you and to be aware of the current pricing. After preparing be sure to set aside time talk to them so that you will have their undivided attention. Start with friendly conversation about your wedding and show them some photos of cakes or venues you have been interested in. Approach the subject gingerly, but direct enough that they understand what it is you are asking of them. For example tell them that you and your fiancé were trying to figure out how to budget for your wedding and were wondering if they would consider helping. From there you can ask them for advice on budgeting as well as talk about what it is they would like to pay for and how much they are able to offer. If they seem put-off by your asking remain calm. Communicate you wanted to be sure of what you as a couple would be paying for so that you may create an accurate budget for yourselves. They may need some time to think it over so do give the person you are asking for help from time to think about their answer.

7. Does the wedding party pay for their own attire or are we required to pay for their attire?
It is a nice gesture but you are not required to purchase your wedding party’s attire. Typically the dresses and tuxes (attire in general) your wedding party purchases or rents are paid for by the individuals that have accepted the offer to be a part of your wedding party. Tuxes can commonly be rented relatively inexpensively but do keep in mind the financial situation of your ladies when choosing the style of dress you would like them to wear, especially if you are not buying.

8.  Are there hidden expenses involved in planning for a wedding?
Yes. Always ask your vendor if they have given you the final and total quote including taxes, delivery, and set up. Make sure to get final totals broken down on your contract or an invoice so that you know exactly what you are being charged for. Corkage fees and cake cutting fees may also apply depending on the venue and bartender you have chosen.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Vendor Alert! Venue

Stunning ceremony views, a lavish bridal suite, and a cozy lodge
create the perfect location for your big day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Centerpiece Inspiration

 The 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show
Are you ready for even more centerpiece and flower inspiration!?
There are so many stunning examples and ideas to share.





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Monday, March 5, 2018

Enchanted Forest Wedding Inspiration

The 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show
A visit to this flower show always provides inspiration! Enjoy!