Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DIY Sweet and Smart Rustic Centerpiece

Get The Look
This designer look incorporates two different centerpieces
but we promise it is not hard to achieve this level of beauty!
Combine your wedding colors and style with the instructions below
to create your own smart and sweet wedding centerpieces like these.
Centerpiece 1
Supplies Needed:
~Glass Oil per table
~Lamp standard bottle (hydrocarbon oil) per four oil lamps per oil lamp (this can also be found as a spool that you cut to size)
~Small Mirrors...larger than the size of the oil lamp bases
~Small Sunflowers or per table...bring Scissors to cut stems
~Scatter bag per two tables
~Small Photo per table...insert a printed quote from your favorite book...single out one word in each quote (different size, font, or color) to use as your table numbers
~Votive Candles...four per table
Centerpiece 2
Supplies Needed:
~Wooden Pillar Candle Stands...two (one short and one tall) per table
~Pillar Candles...two same size
~Books...two to three per table
~Small Sunflowers or per table...bring Scissors to cut stems
~Scatter bag per two tables
~Small Photo per table...insert a printed quote from your favorite book...single out one word in each quote (different size, font, or color) to use as your table numbers
~Votive Candles...four per table
Both Centerpieces Will Need:
~One or two lighters to light all those wicks
~Permission to have candles at your wedding venue
All supplies can be found at your local craft store, yard sales, antique stores, rental companies, or Save On Crafts online.
Directions and Tips:
This design allows for creativity and your very own personal touch to be added to each centerpiece. Be sure to wait to cut your sunflower or daisy stems until you are ready to actually start setting the centerpieces. Leave about two to three inches of stem, so they sit up on their own and don't wilt too quickly. After dipping the wicks into the lamp oil and inserting them into your oil lamps fill them with oil. Have fun arranging the supplies any way that makes you smile. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to layer your items with different heights to create visual interest.
Wick prep, care, and use tips can be found at
Check out how we got creative with these supplies!


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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Traveling With Your Wedding Dress

Do you need to transport your wedding dress on a plane?
Below are the top three ways to ensure your very special dress
will make it to it's destination safety and without problems.
1.) Buy your dress a seat. This is the most secure way to travel with your wedding dress. It is also possibly the most expensive way, but if you want to take no chances it is well worth the money. Purchasing an extra seat will allow you to keep an eye on your dress the entire flight and give you the piece of mind that it won't get damaged, scrunched into a small space, or wrinkled in transit.
2.) Purchase priority boarding or fly first class so you do board first. There is often a front closet (aka captain's closet) on a plane in which guests may be allowed to hang items. Call the airport ahead of time to find out if the plane you are taking has this feature. When it does exist it usually fills up very quickly so you want to be one of the first to board and ask to use it. Politeness will mean the world to your flight attendants so be sure to be kind when asking to use such an exclusive area of the plane. If this closet feature does not exist on the plane you are taking you will still benefit by boarding early anyhow. Boarding early will allow you to have access to the overhead compartments first.

3.) Pack your dress into your carry on bag. All airlines have size requirements to not only ensure the safety of it's travelers but ensure all luggage will fit on board as well. There will be exact measurements noted on the airline's website and the airline employees will check to make sure your bags meet those requirements. Research the size you are allotted for a carry on bag before purchasing one, because if your carry on bag is too large they will force you to check your bag. This defeats the purpose of packing your wedding dress as a carry on. Checking you bag means they take it to the luggage compartment under the plane and you will not see it again until you land. Checked luggage can be picked up at the baggage claim carousel whereas carry on bags get to stay with you in an overhead compartment. Garment bags that will easily fit into an overhead compartment can be found in department stores or on Amazon. It is recommended to purchase a garment bag that folds and has a semi hard shell to protect your wedding dress. Don't forget to call ahead to your destination location to request access to a steamer in case your wedding dress becomes wrinkled in transit.