Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Table Linen Sizing Guide

Finding the right size linens to match your tables can be tough.
You don't want your linens to be too short and end up with your tables showing too much leg,
but you also don't want your guests swimming in a pool of fabric around their feet.
This handy little chart will be helpful to making a great selection!

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Chair covers, sashes, overlays, and table runners
can also add a little extra excitement to the d├ęcor on your wedding day.
Have fun with your wedding colors and get creative!

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Nerdy Wedding Inspiration

Your wedding theme should reflect you as a couple.
If you and your love are proud members of your favorite fandom and want to have
a lot of fun on your special day, give your guests an experience they will never forget!
Check out some of our favorite ideas below!

Doctor Who
If a Tardis filled timey wimey wedding is your fish fingers and custard rest your fez on this inspiration!


Comic Books
Looking for the kind of inspiration that makes you say...Pow!...Bang!...Boom!?



Harry Potter
Do you feel as though you have finally caught your Golden Snitch or that you have been sipping amortentia? If you do unleash the magic with this inspiration!