Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bridal Expo 101

Bridal Expo Assistance
Would you like to attend bridal expos this season but are just not sure where to begin?
The list below will give you some tips on what to do and expect.

Choose Your Bridal Expo Style:
Bridal Expos can be fun for some and intimidating for others. If you want to see all the vendors you can in a few hours, visit a large expo at a convention facility. The larger expo venues will provide you with a vast variety of vendor options to compare consecutively but may not offer as much of a personalized experience. If you find the thought of attending an expo consisting of over one hundred vendors overwhelming, plan to visit a few smaller ones held in ballrooms at local venues. The smaller expo venues may not offer the mass amounts of vendors in one place but will offer you the chance to discuss your wedding without feeling rushed. For those of you that are simply unsure of what their expo preferences will be, try one of each to see which you like better.

Mark the dates of the expos you choose on your calendar and don't forget to pre-register. Sometimes pre-registering will save you money if you have to pay to enter (although some bridal expos host free admission) and other times it will earn you free items and extra prizes. Doing this will also assure you speedier entrance into the fun. There are always benefits to pre-registering!

Prepare To Attend:
Pack a tote bag with your availability calendar (if not accessible on your phone), labels with your wedding date, names, and contact information printed on them, list of vendors you are still in need of for your wedding, and your check book if you are planning to book vendors. Don't forget to invite any family or friends that you would like to have by your side for support. Also, check to see when prizes will be announced and when the fashion show will begin.

Have Fun And Enjoy Expo Season!
Local brides can visit us at some of our favorite bridal expos!
See details below.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Postcard Winner

DM Annual Postcard Contest
Every year Designing Memories hosts a postcard picture contest.
We ask DM brides and their photographers to submit photos of their weddings.
One winner (sometimes two) is chosen every year in December.
The winner gets their photo on the front of our postcard for the entire year!
...And The 2016 Winner Is...
Rachael Hauptly
Marie Cecilia Photography
Venue: Pottsville Ramada

Monday, November 28, 2016

RSVP Etiquette

The Art of a Reply Card
When creating your reply cards, be sure to ask for the number attending,
 names of the guests, and their food selections (if necessary). 
Some couples are requesting guests to list additional things like food allergies
and ages of the underage guests, but these details are not
traditionally included so there is no obligation to include such questions.
Be sure to have your invitations in the mail six to eight weeks prior to
your wedding date and set the reply date at two weeks before the big day.
This will give you plenty of time to wrangle the stragglers and
to get your official numbers to your caterer on time.
A favorite useful tip is to number your guest list and reply cards.
Write each guest's number lightly in pencil on the back of their corresponding reply card.  
This way, if a reply card comes back without a name you will know who it belongs to.

See the helpful Eventbrite graphic below to discover even more etiquette tips!
Check out their event planning software and tools to help with online RSVPs too.