Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sparkling Bouquets

Bling and Brooch Bouquets
Bling is definitely everywhere this wedding season and
we don't see any signs of this trend slowing down. 
Diamonds are a girls best friend after all!
Whether you want a lot of bling or a little bling in your bouquet,
we have plenty of inspirational photos below to get you started!
~Your bouquet will be a stunning and one of a kind work of art!
~Family and friends can buy you brooches and bling, in your wedding colors, to be placed into the bouquet to make it extra special. Memorial brooches are also a beautiful addition.
~If you are creative and especially crafty you can make your own bling bouquet.
~Provided you use fake flowers and brooches, you will have your bouquet for a lifetime or more.
~These bouquets can be very expensive, especially for the full brooch version, if you are not providing the brooches or creating your own.
~Your bouquet will be quite heavy...so heavy it might be considered a weapon haha!
~If you don't like bling this look won't be for you.