Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wedding Gift Registry Q&A

1. At how many stores should we create a gift registry?
Try to choose three stores at maximum. This will give guests a variety of locations without overwhelming them. Many registries offer bonus features so be sure to check those out when choosing! For example, some stores that will give you registry completion discounts on items that are not purchased by guests. That means you will be able to purchase items you would have liked to receive but were not purchased as gifts for you at a discount.

2.Can I register online instead of going to the stores in person?
Yes. Many stores allow you to access your registry online. Registering online does have its benefits. The convenience of adding and deleting items with just the click of a mouse is a nice bonus. Also, guests will have access to your registry at any time and without needing to visit the store. Some websites even show you who purchased each item, which can be a nice tool to get a head start on those thank you notes you will have to write.

3. Is it acceptable to set up a honeymoon registry?
Yes! There are many travel agents, resorts, and websites available to set up your registry through. Many guests will feel like this is a great way to buy you memories to cherish, so it is perfectly acceptable to forgo a traditional gift register or even use both types.

4. How many items should we include?
Everything you want should appear on your registry...within reason (sorry no boats, houses in Cancun, or submarines allowed hah!) Guests much rather have a large selection to choose from rather than get frustrated trying to find something within a small list.

5. What price ranges should we register within?
A variety is best. Just remember to try to be selective on big ticket items and equal out the amounts of high, mid, and low priced items and you will create a nice selection. After your bridal shower you may want to go back and review your list to see what is left on your registry. You should remove items you already received and add any you have now realized you may need. Don't add things just to add them, but you each may think of some things you forgot at that point.

6. Can we register to a charity instead of receiving gifts?
Absolutely, but please do make this clear to your guests so there is no confusion.

7. Can I request for gifts to be mailed to a particular location?
Yes, most stores will give you the option to include your main mailing address on your registry for your guests to see and use to mail you gift(s) if they choose to do so.

8. How do I spread the word about where we are registered?
Never include this information in your wedding invitations! Many etiquette rules have been tossed out the window in recent years but this one in particular is here to stay (at least for now). Delegate a few key people within your families and groups of friends to the task of spreading the word about where you are registered. Wedding websites are a fantastic place to share this information in a discreet and easy to find way. Your wedding website information can be included in your bridal shower invitations (and even your wedding invitations) to indirectly guide guests to information about where you are registered for gifts.

9. How will we know what the gift we receive is for if it is not received during the event?
Don't worry about acknowledging the event (engagement, bridal shower, wedding...) for which you received the gift(s) in your thank you notes. Focus on your feelings about the gift, the sender's thoughtfulness, how you will use or display it, and how grateful you are that they would be so generous to gift you with something.

10. When do we send thank you notes and from whom do we send them?
Always write your thank you notes ASAP. Guests will appreciate this! Etiquette books tell you it is okay to send them within a year of your event, but try not to wait more than six to eight weeks to get them in the mail. If you are pressed for time and  bridal shower and wedding are within a month or two of each other it is indeed okay to write just one thank you note to acknowledge both. Make writing bridal shower thank you notes easier by leaving the envelopes out for your guests to write their own addresses on them during your bridal shower (delegate a trustworthy friend to the task of distributing and collecting them). Always write your thank you notes by hand! It shows you put thought and energy into it instead of typing up one and hitting print a few times.