Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ordering Alcohol

How to Order the Correct Amount of Alcohol
Deciding on how much alcohol to order for your wedding doesn't have to be difficult.
The chart below will make checking this task off your wedding to-do list a bit easier!
Top Three Tips:
~Order a bit extra! Left over alcohol can be brought home to be stored for a future party, be given as gifts throughout the year, or even (in most cases) be returned if it hasn't be opened.
~Be sure to make note of a  alcohol supplier that is close to your venue just in case you do run out of any particular type of alcohol at some point in the evening. You can give this information to your bartender or caterer so they will know where to send someone if they get in a pinch.
~Cover yourself legally and hire a certified bartender to take care of pouring your guests drinks. 
This will keep both you and your guests safe!