Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bridal Expo Tips

Top Three Bridal Expo Tips
Easy ways to make you bridal expo experiences more fun and less stressful!

1. Bring printed address labels
You will find yourself filling out many information sheets and/or prize entry forms so make it easy
and go to your next bridal expo prepared with address labels. With pre-printed address labels, you
won't have to worry about anything more than peeling and sticking your important contact information.
Information to Include:
Bride's Name, Groom's Name, Wedding Date, Phone Number, Email, and Mailing Address
You can find large address labels at any office supply store.

2. Bring your calendar
This will be a great convenience to have with you should you become interested in one or many of the vendors you meet at the next bridal expo you attend. If you have your calendar with you, you will easily know when you are available to set up a consultation to meet with your favorite vendors to discuss your wedding details and their services further. By booking a consultation during the bridal expo you won't risk the chance of another couple booking your favorite vendor before you get the chance to.

3. Set up a special wedding email
Often times emails you are waiting for get lost in spam, get deleted by accident, or just get lost within
the flurry of emails that fill up your inbox. Stay organized, make sorting your emails easier, and don't
miss out on any important information by setting up a wedding email for yourself. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beautiful Bridal Eye Makeup

Whether you want to make a statement with your wedding day eye makeup
 or keep it natural you will find inspiration and tips to help
keep your eyes looking beautiful all throughout your special day!

Tips and Tricks

~Wear waterproof mascara!

~Photograph your trial makeup in different lighting (with flash and without)
so you know if it will photograph well on the day of your wedding.

~Do NOT get your eye brows waxed or plucked the day of your wedding.

~If you wear contact lenses it is best to put them on before applying your eye makeup.

~Don't try a radically different look on the day of your wedding without a trial ahead of time.

~Do wash your pillowcase the week before your wedding...
this will keep your eyes looking and feeling fresh.

~Drink plenty of water, because it will keep the skin around your eyes soft and hydrated.

~Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night for at least one week before your wedding.

~A bit of translucent powder swept over a finish eye will help to hold the color in place all day long.

What is Your Eye Shape?
Helpful Step by Step Visual Instructions