Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DIY Centerpieces with a Twist

Colorful Twist
If you love the idea of bright and colorful centerpieces for your wedding
these DIY beauties with a fruity twist will be right up your alley!

You Will Need:                                                                     
(1) Wide Mouth Tapered Vase/ Trumpet Vase
(12) Limes
Selection of Fauxe Flowers and Greenery...approx. 21 stems
(5) 8" Linked Crystals
(1) Styrofoam Ball
~optional swarovski cystal flat backs
Glue Stick and a Glue Gun
Wire Cutters

How To Create:
Start by plugging in your hot glue gun to get it heated. Use your wire cutters to cut your stems down to about 8 inches. Arrange your stems by pushing the stems into the northern hemisphere of the ball. You can keep the southern hemisphere for stability in setting the arrangement in to the vase or choose to cut it off and hot glue the resulting flat surface to the lip of the vase. After you have your flowers in place and arranged as you would like you can pull each stem out (one at a time) and add a bit of hot glue to the end of it and push immediately (while glue is still hot) into the Styrofoam where you removed it from. This will secure your flower stems. When your flowers are all secured you can begin to add you greenery to the lowest flowers on your arrangement one at a time by gluing the top edge of the leaf and adding it to the back of a flower or another leaf. This will create a layered effect around the bottom edge of the arrangement. You can also add greenery throughout the flowers of your arrangement. After completing your arrangement, add the each of the chained crystal strands by spacing them evenly and hot gluing them to the Styrofoam ball. Adding them to the syrofoam ball will help them to stay in place and will put them oat a relatively level location around the vase when you add it to the vase. If you like a little extra bling glue your flat back crystals to the centers of some or all of your flowers. Add your whole limes to the vase and top it with your floral arrangement to complete this centerpiece.

Difficutly: Advanced
Expense: $$$

You Will Need:                                                                  
(1) Triffle Bowl or Hurricane Vase
(1) Orange
(4) Limes
Filler or Acrylic Crystals
~optional (3) LED lights or glow sticks

How To Create:
Start by slicing your fruit and discarding the end of the fruit. Begin with your lime slices by lining the bottom edge of your container with limes so that the sliced sides face out (as shown in picture). Fill container with filler or crystal just up to the point where the lime slices stop. Add one lit LED light (or all three of your glow sticks by standing them up vertically in the filler). The filler in the first layer will hold the lime slices in place as you begin to add the row of orange slices in the same way you did lime slices by facing the sliced edge toward the glass. Again, add your filler with one lit LED light to hold the orange slices in place while you add the last row of lime slices. Fill the container and  the last lit LED light and fill the container the rest of the way with filler.

Difficutly: Intermediate
Expense: $$

You Will Need:                                                                  
(1) Large Ceramic Flower Pot Base
(6) Lemons
(7) Limes
(6) Mini Daisies
(1) Pillar Candle

How To Create:
Start by adding a little more than half of your lemons and limes to the flower pot base. Place your pillar candle in the center on top of that layer of lemons and limes. Fill in around the pillar candle with the rest of your lemons and limes. Scatter your mini daisies throughout to create your centerpiece.

Difficutly: Intermediate
Expense: $