Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Winter Wedding Favor Idea

Create a Wedding Favor that Doubles as a Place Card

What You Will Need:
~Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
~Acrylic Craft Paint (optional)
~Newspaper (optional)
~4x6 Cover Stock Paper (65lb works best)
 or a professionally printed set of place cards
~Paper Cutter or X-acto Blade and Cutting Mat
~3" Round Mirrors
~Self-Adhesive Crystal Strips

How To Create:
    Begin with taking the hook off of your ornaments. If you are unable to find ornaments already available in your wedding colors you can paint them with acrylic craft paint so that they will match. If you have decided to paint them you will need to take the metal tops off of the ornaments. Once the tops are off you will be able to hold them easily while painting and use the flat neck to carefully rest them on to dry. They will likely need a coat or two and time to dry overnight (follow directions on paint bottle for drying time). Rest them on newspaper so that any drips will not ruin the surface you rest them on. If you found ornaments matching your color theme you will not need to take the metal tops off your ornaments.
    Next take your 3" mirrors and add some bling by using your self-adhesive crystal strips to line the edges. You can plug your hot glue gun in to begin heating while you attach your bling to the mirrors if your ornaments are dry. Once all your mirrors are finished you can begin gluing the ornaments onto the mirrors. Squeeze a small dot (no bigger than a dime) of glue onto the center of the mirror and immediately place an ornament (opposite side from the neck) onto the glue dot. You will not be able to move the ornament once it adheres to the mirror so line it up well with the neck of the ornament as straight as possible.
   To finish off your favor and place card in one, print your own place cards using a design you create on your computer or order them from a professional. If you are printing your own you will need to print your design onto a 4x6 cover stock paper card and cut it down to a 4x4 or 3x3 size...your printer will not likely except "odd" sizes very well so it is in most cases just easier to cut it down after they are printed. Create your design on your computer using a 4x4 or 3x3 format keeping in mind half will be blank for the back when you fold it over. When you are finished you should have  a 2x4 or 1.5x3 card when folded with one side being blank and the other with a design including each individual guest's name. Add each card to its ornament by placing a bit of glue onto the rounded metal piece that the hook usually hangs from, opening the place card so that each side of the card is on opposing sides of the metal piece, and then closing the card by applying pressure to both sides of it.
     For a little bit of an extra wow factor...fold a satin or linen napkin and place it on your charger plate and under your finished product to showcase your favor.