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Bachelorette Party Ideas

We all know there are plenty of strip clubs, strippers, and stripping oriented activities that traditionally surround a bachelorette party, but what if your bachelorette wants something different or refuses to allow 'such activities' at her bachelorette party? I have ten bachelorette party ideas that are trending right now for you to use as inspiration. You can add your own personal twist!

1. Pin-Up Party
         If you are looking for a truly unique bachelorette party idea this is it. Everyone gets pampered with a professional make-up artist and hair stylist. Then you put on something sexy from the 1950s era and feel like a movie star as you get your photo taken. The best part is you have a blast with your ladies and get photos to remember...and share forever.
Contact one of our favorites:
Kristina Michael at Relentless Photography 570-573-4807 for more details!
$50 a person (6 person minimum)

2. Wine Tasting Tour
   Pennsylvania has many beautiful wineries to explore! This can be fun for wine drinkers and non-wine drinkers alike. When a winery participates in a wine trail/tour event they typically serve food and even will have live entertainment along with their wide assortment of wines to taste.
   Start planning your trip by checking out the websites and reviews of the wineries in your area. Call the wineries you prefer to visit to see if there are any special wine trail tours that they are participating in around the time you would like to plan your tour. They will know where to direct  you to order your wine trail/tour tickets. You can usually fit about 5 or 6 wineries into a day trip (This estimation really depends on how close your chosen wineries are to each other and the pace you want to move at). Some wineries have restaurants or picnic areas for you to pack your own lunch so don't forget to schedule a lunch and/or dinner break to take the edge off all the wine you will be sipping. Most importantly don't forget to choose a designated driver so everyone gets home safe and sound; or better yet hire a limo to shuttle everyone around in style. Let the swirl, sniff, sip, swish, and spit or swallow begin!
Below is a link showing some of the top Pennsylvania winery listings.

3. Spa Day
     One way to enjoy a night of relaxing spa treatments is to invite all the girls over for all the home-made mud mask making and foot soaking fun they can handle while enjoying fruiting drinks, gossip, and classic movie watching. Another way to enjoy a night or weekend of relaxing spa treatments is to invite all the ladies to a spa or hotel and spa to be pampered with massages and manicures by the professionals.
   Start planning with professionals; Gather your ladies to find out how much everyone can afford and if you will be deciding on a group package or individual treatments. Group packages usually offer higher discounts, but if you should choose to go with individual treatments be sure to agree on at least one of your treatments for the entire group to participate in together. Also, decide if a weekend or overnight retreat would work best for everyone. Check out some local spas and choose the one you feel will accommodate your needs best. Be sure to make your reservations early so you don't miss out!

Don't forget to check allergies!!! Do NOT get a facial less than a week before the Wedding!!!
~consult your spa professionals for more details and information

    Start planning at home; Choose the spa treatments you will be treating the ladies to. For example you may want to create some home-made hand wraps, mud masks, and a foot soak. Gather enough ingredients for each lady to make her own face mask and hand wrap and purchase your soaking salts. Remember to also purchase each of the ladies a towel and a bowl (for their feet to soak in) as well. If you would like to get your bachelorette a special memento get her name or "bride" embroidered on her towel. Choose some fun and fruity drink recipes to make and top the night off with the bride's favorite movies. Below is a link for some at home spa treatment recipes.

4. Dinner Theater
      This can be a great idea for the more theatrical bachelorette. You can stay close to home with a local show or check bus trip listings for trips to New York's dinner theaters. If your group is the rowdier sort and likes to get involved in the theatrics try a Murder Mystery style dinner theater. Don't forget some feather boas and your bachelorette's tiara and sash for some extra fun!

5. Cooking Class
        Cooking Classes are quickly becoming popular for bachelorette parties. It is a great way to get out with your ladies to have some fun celebrating and to learn something new. Be sure to pick a class that you will be cooking something that everyone can eat (warn the class instructor of any allergies or special dietary needs ahead of time). Add some spice to your cooking class by purchasing everyone aprons with entertaining phrases or sayings embroidered on them. You can even make it extra special for your bachelorette by purchasing her an apron with her name or 'bride' embroidered on it.
For aprons try one of these links:  or

6. Mary Kay Makeover 
       This is the kind of bachelorette party a laid back girly girl can enjoy! It is easy to find a Mary Kay representative in your area if you don't already know one. Make sure to plan your make-overs at a location with enough table/counter space to fit everyone. Also, be sure to sign up the bride as a host so that she can get some free gifts at the party. Show off those fabulous Make-overs by going out to dinner at your bachelorette's favorite restaurant or a night out on the town for cocktails.
To find a Mary Kay representative in your area go to or contact one of my favorites Anteria Graham at phone: 717-843-3250 email:

7. Comedy Club
           If your bachelorette and her ladies could use a good laugh and a fabulous night out a comedy club might just be perfect for your group. Finding the perfect comedy club is just a google search away. Check for a local club with great reviews or look for your bachelorette's favorite comedian to surprise her. Top off your fabulous night by hiring a limo or shuttle to take get you all there and home safely!

8. Hawaiian Luau
       Luaus are always best if done pool side, but you don't need one to create a tropical oasis. All you really need are some leis, hawaiian party decor, tropical music, themed food, and tiny umbrellas for your strawberry daquaries! Add some tiki torches if you are planning it outside to keep the bugs away and add to the effect. Tiny pigs in a blanket, white chocolate macadamian nut cookies, chicken with pineapple and mandarin slices on a toothpick (or umbrella) are easy menu picks, but if you are quite savvy in the kitchen you may want to try some more adventurous hawaiian treats.

9. Victorian Style Tea Party
        This idea is for those bachelorettes who are a child at heart in search of a mild bachelorette party idea. Choosing a classic Victorian or English tea room is key to keep you feeling the ambiance of going back in time to experience tea time. Make a reservation early because typically tea rooms are in victorian style homes with limited space. Also, find out if children are likely will Not want to select a tea room that does allow children. There are plenty of tea rooms to choose from in Pennsylvania if this perks your interest. My choice if you live or are visiting the Reading area you may want to try Abigail's Victorian Tea Room

10. Camping
          This is a great idea especially if you would like to have a Stag and Doe (co-ed) Party or just have an adventurous bunch of ladies! There is never a boring moment when you are camping and most camp grounds offer quite a bit of activities to keep everyone excited about the great outdoors. Check out your local conservation and natural resources website for camp ground locations.
Click here for Pennsylvania's:

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