Friday, May 18, 2018

Vendor Alert! Men's Accesories

Knotty Tie Co.
Ties, Bow Ties and Scarves
As a social enterprise since our start, we're passionate about creating meaningful
employment opportunities for skilled resettled refugees. Their professional skills,
combined with our advanced printing and production technology, results in the
 highest quality products possible in an environmentally responsible way.
All of our products are made to order with custom patterns, colors and sizes. We've specially milled our fabrics for a silk-like feel, superior print quality and product durability. Designs are printed to fabrics, then cut and sewn into finely finished products that are Made in the USA.
Ethical Manufacturing:
-Printed and Made in the USA
-Handmade Quality
-Small-batch Manufacturing with Intense Attention to Detail
-Eco-Friendly Process
Color Matching and Custom Designs Available:                                  
Make sure the color you want is the color you get. Use our charts to verify and preview colors before you order your products. The Knotty Tie ColorMatch chart is 560 of our standard colors printed onto the same recycled polyester twill used for our ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. We also have printed ColorMatch charts of Knotty Tie Co. colors that are intended to match popular dress companies' colors as close as possible. Knotty Tie Co. is not affiliated with these companies in any way. We print our own textiles and do not use bridal companies fabric nor are we selling their products.
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Pricing is based on total combined ties, bow ties, and scarves.
$45 each$41 each$38 each$30 each$25 each$21 each
 Services and Add-Ons
Our design service is a one-time $20 design fee for the vast majority of orders, which can include multiple designs. Design fees may be increased for more difficult designs.
Custom tags are priced per unique message.
Design ServicesPocket SquaresCustom Tags
per order
1-49: $15.00
50+ : $10.00
per message

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