Saturday, April 28, 2018

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Tips

Preserve Your Memories
You dreamed of the dress you would wear on your wedding day
and have possibly tried on countless dresses looking for THE one.
You dazzled your guests and felt like a princess, but now
may be wondering what to do with that very important dress now?
Protect your investment and ensure enjoyment of this special part
of your wedding day for future generations.

Taking your wedding dress to a dry cleaners is a great way to preserve your investment.
-Get your dress (and/or other items) to the cleaners within less than 3 weeks in order
to prevent stains from setting.
-Avoid cleaners who use vacuum-sealing or shrink-wrapping.
-Make sure to point out any known stains to your chosen cleaner.
-Ideal storing conditions are cool, dry, and a spot away from sunlight.
-If possible do not store in an attic or basement.
-Do not store your dress in an untreated cardboard box as it will yellow.

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