Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sparkler Send Off

Five Quick Tips
For A Successful Sparkler Send Off
1. Purchase extra long (at least 20") wedding sparklers. This will provide the photographer with enough time to capture those magical photos you are hoping for and create less smoke.
2. Post a time for the sparkler send off. If you post a time guests will be more likely to hang around to participate in the send off and know when they should expect it to happen.
3. Provide your guests with individual match packs or lighters so the sparklers can all be lit at the same time. Be sure to have the person handing the matches or lighters out tell your guests not to light the sparklers until they are told to.
4. Have metal canisters with sand or water in the bottom of them available before the sparklers are lit. You don't want anyone getting burnt by a hot sparkler, ruining the mood, so provide your guests a vessel to place their spent sparklers into when the fun is over.
5. Designate two to three people to communicate with your guests about the sparkler send off. These people should line your guests up parallel from each other, hand out lighters or matches to each of the guest, give the guests a signal as to when to light their sparklers, and direct the guests to the canisters suitable for outening their sparklers.

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