Friday, April 13, 2018

Event Layout Creators

Planning Your Reception Layout
This can be an intimidating task if you have never attempted it before.
Listed below are three trusted and easy to use floor plan creators.
Each have their own special features and benefits.
They all allow you to create a floor plan that is to scale so you will
know positively that your tables will fit as you would like and they
 allow you to strategize where all your guests will be seated.

"Event planning is easy with SmartDraw event planning software. Start with the exact event layout template you need—not just a blank screen. Drag and drop specialized catering and floor plan symbols, add your information, and our event planning software does the rest, aligning everything and applying professional design themes for great results every time.
SmartDraw is the perfect all-in-one event planning tool for creating everything you may need to plan your next event whether you're a professional or just an organized do-it-yourselfer."

Planning Pod
"Simply put, Planning Pod has made every step of creating event floor plans easier. Adding and customizing elements. Building templates for frequently used layouts. Collaborating with staff and clients online. Seating attendees at seats. And downloading colorful, printable PDFs, attendee lists and name tags. All in one convenient tool."

WeddingWire...Take a Seat
"Create the floorplan. Drag and drop tables to mimic your exact reception layout. Seat your guests.
We sync your guest list with the floorplan to make choosing tables easy. Share your seating chart.
Easily print, export or email everything to your fiancé, planner or venue.
Deciding who’s going to sit where can be overwhelming, but our wedding seating chart tool makes it easy. We’ll help you set up a floor plan, seat your guests and share the chart with your VIPs.
Foam boards and thumbtacks won’t be needed. With our wedding guest seating tool, you can drag and drop tables to mimic your reception layout. This will help you visualize where the tables will be, and where guests will sit at each table.
How do you make sure all your guests have seats? Our seating chart tool lets you sync your guestlist with the floorplan. Watch your seating arrangements take shape by placing everyone in the seat of your choice.
Lots of people will want to glance at your wedding guest seating plan. Easily print, export or email everything to your finacĂ©, planner, venue, or anyone else who may need it. They’ll have it in their hands in a few clicks (or taps if you’re on your phone or tablet)."

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