Monday, February 12, 2018

Wedding Shoes

Beauty, Comfort, and Style
 Three of the most common wedding shoe concerns resolved here!
Outside Wedding...
Purchase Heel Protectors
If you have chosen to wear stilettos or thin heels at your outside wedding you may now be concerned about sinking into the grassy areas. Don't worry! There is a product available to protect your heels and aid in you not sinking into the grass while you enjoy your outside wedding. They are typically clear and simply slip over your existing heels, so they are easy to use.
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Don't Want To Wear Heels All Day...
Choose Two Pairs Of Shoes
You may find a pair of flip flops, flats, or sneakers are suited for comfort but may not be the style you want for your ceremony and photos. Wear the shoes you adore, even if they are slightly uncomfortable, for your wedding ceremony and photos. Bring a second, more comfortable, pair of shoes for dancing later in the evening. This will give your feet a break on where they are being rubbed by the shoes you are wearing and allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Committed To Style...
Add Extra Cushion
If you are in love with your wedding shoes and want to wear them throughout your entire special day, but are concerned about ending up with sore and blistered feet add some extra cushion. There are many products available to protect just about any part of your foot from suffering damage and stress. You won't have to give up all comfort for style.
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