Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thank You Notes

Writing Wedding Thank You Notes
Writing thank you notes can be a chore for some and entertaining for others. Regardless of your level of interest in the activity you'll want to follow a few easy rules. Keep your thank you notes simple, positive, and to the point. It is best to be have them in the mail within three months of the wedding date. Etiquette however indicates that you have a full year to mail your wedding thank you notes.


Four Thank You Note Templates

Dear Cynthia and Troy,
      We can't begin to express how grateful we are for your generous monetary gift. Our appreciation for your efforts to attend our wedding celebration and be such a big part of our special day is beyond words. We are looking forward to seeing you again this summer!
All Our Love,
Marissa and Timothy

Greetings Mrs. Smith,
     It is a shame you could not join us on our wedding day. You were well missed! The crystal vase and picture frame are lovely. Every time we look at them we will think of you and this very special occasion. Thank you for your kind gift and thoughts on our wedding day!
Thea and Michael

Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary,
     Thank you for contributing to our honeymoon registry. We absolutely loved the dolphin experience you gifted us. The wine in our room was such a sweet touch as well. We thoroughly enjoyed that treat. Thanks again for celebrating such an important day with us. Your presence meant so much to both of us!
Lots of Love,
Stacie and Jordan

Dear Tiffany,
     Thank you so very much for the cooking supplies. We can't wait to put them to good use and have you and Adam over for dinner sometime. Thank you for joining our wedding day celebration and for thinking of us!
With Much Love,
Amanda and Joshua

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Vendor Alert! Bridesmaid Gifts

Lauren Kaye of LillianViolet
dishes on her favorite bridesmaid gifts for this wedding season.
First let's find out what LillianViolet is all about:
I strive to offer a variety of high quality edgy skincare products for you and your family (including Fido).
Making my own skincare products is something I've been doing for quite a few years. Nearing the end of 2014 I started to crave more in life. I was working a job that didn't challenge or excite me so I started on my path to a more fulfilling life. After months of self teaching and plenty of research and discovery; my bath product business was born. 
Making products that contain quaility ingredients is important to me. While my products do contain colorants to make for a fun bath; you will never find food coloring or harsh chemicals in my products.  

I'm proud to have taken on the adventure of owning a small business. I've met many wonderful customers and plenty of strong entrepenuers in the process and look forward to meeting many more.
Three items Lauren recommends for bridesmaids' thank you gift bags:

To keep up with updates on upcoming products and sales, follow @lillianvioletco on instagram and clip here to like Lillianviolet on Facebook www.facebook.com/lillianvioletliving

Monday, February 12, 2018

Wedding Shoes

Beauty, Comfort, and Style
 Three of the most common wedding shoe concerns resolved here!
Outside Wedding...
Purchase Heel Protectors
If you have chosen to wear stilettos or thin heels at your outside wedding you may now be concerned about sinking into the grassy areas. Don't worry! There is a product available to protect your heels and aid in you not sinking into the grass while you enjoy your outside wedding. They are typically clear and simply slip over your existing heels, so they are easy to use.
Click the links below to shop our favorite heel protectors.
Don't Want To Wear Heels All Day...
Choose Two Pairs Of Shoes
You may find a pair of flip flops, flats, or sneakers are suited for comfort but may not be the style you want for your ceremony and photos. Wear the shoes you adore, even if they are slightly uncomfortable, for your wedding ceremony and photos. Bring a second, more comfortable, pair of shoes for dancing later in the evening. This will give your feet a break on where they are being rubbed by the shoes you are wearing and allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Committed To Style...
Add Extra Cushion
If you are in love with your wedding shoes and want to wear them throughout your entire special day, but are concerned about ending up with sore and blistered feet add some extra cushion. There are many products available to protect just about any part of your foot from suffering damage and stress. You won't have to give up all comfort for style.
Click the links below to shop our favorite foot cushions.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Creating A Monogram
If you are confused about what order to list letters
to create a perfect monogram for your wedding or even bachelorette party
check out the easy instructions and examples below.
Traditional Engaged and Married Couple Monogram
Her First Initial, Married Last Initial (larger), His First Initial
Example: Samantha and Brian Evans
Hyphenated Name Engaged and Married Couple Monogram
Her First Initial, Married Last Initial (larger), His First Initial
Example: Mary Williams and Frank Roberts
Traditional Single Individual Monogram
First Initial, Last Initial (larger), Middle Initial
Example: Alicia Marie Smith
Alternative Single Individual Monogram
First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Initial
Example: Linda Ann McAllister
Traditional Two-Letter Monogram
First Initial and Last Initial
Example: Tanya Lewis