Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wedding Favor Ideas

 Eight Practical Wedding Favor Ideas
Guests will value these practical favors and appreciate your thoughtfulness!
1.) Personalizing Items - By simply putting your names and date on the item will create the
perfect wedding favor, reminding the guests of this special day.

2.) Tea Bags or Coffee Beans – These items are easy to buy in bulk, with more than plenty of
options. There is also a great opportunity to create a casing and personal tag for this item.

3.) Candles – This item can be personally made, with different scents, and containers.
Everyone loves candles!
4.) Hangover Kit – An open bar can mean trouble for some of the wedding guests, but a
hangover kit can do the trick. Simply make or buy a casing to fill with: a small water
bottle, a small sack (granola bar, fruit snacks, or crackers), and some Advil.
5.) Succulents or Plant Seeds – Succulents can be a lovely wedding favor and can even
contribute to the center pieces until the reception. A packet of flower or plant seeds
can be a cheaper option if succulents are outside of your budget.

6.) Midnight Snack – As most weddings go on until 10 or 11 PM, so a small snack is a great idea.
This is another opportunity to create a beautiful, unique casing to throw Grandma’s
famous cookies into!

7.) Dancing Shoes or Flip Flops – Everyone loves looking their best at events, but heels and
other shoes get uncomfortable after just a short amount of time. If you know that your
guests love to dance, a simple pair of flip flops for the guest (that they can take home)
will be more than helpful.
8.) Soap Bars – Personally, I love those fancy, scented soap bars and they can be simple to
make! This project will let you be creative with the colors and scents that can even match
the wedding.

Thank You Guest Blogger Caitlyn Gatchel!!!

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