Monday, September 26, 2016

2017 Berks Bridal Expo

Sweetheart and Head Table Designs

Head Table or Sweetheart Table
These two are not the only options but they are indeed the most popular
for seating yourselves and wedding party during your reception.
Enjoy the ideas and information below!

Head Table
A head table creates your very own VIP section that includes all those in your wedding party, by having one or multiple tables in line at the front of the room. One perk in choosing this style is that everyone in your wedding party will know exactly where to go when announced into the reception. This option is for couples that like the idea of keeping their friends close, incorporating traditional elements, and creating a little extra grand drama to the room. You can splurge a little to decorate your head table elaborately or have your bridesmaids set their bouquets into glass cylinders for a pretty but budget savvy décor option.

    Sweetheart Table
This option offers an opportunity to enjoy some private time with your love after all the ceremony attention and photos are over. It also allows your wedding party members to sit with their partners and loved ones during dinner. Due to the small size of a sweetheart table you won't need as much décor to create a fabulous look that fits your wedding style, which can be a bonus to the budget.

The Barn at Boone's Dam

Morgantown Holiday Inn

Rock Ford Plantation

Fountain Springs Country Inn

Stokesay Castle
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Lancaster Host
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Saint Nicholas Catering Hall

Eden Resort
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Pottsville Ramada

Lancaster Host
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Pottsville Ramada


General Sutter Inn
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These are all Designing Memories original designs.
If you aren't the creative type or have a vision but have no time to execute it
trust your dream to the DM Team!

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