Wednesday, April 27, 2016

World of Weddings

23 Fun Facts
Weddings Around The World

1. The phrase tying the knot is believed to have originated from the traditional Irish hand-tying ceremony that is still commonly performed today. The couples hands are loosely tied together with ribbon or cord. It is done to symbolize the everlasting bond of marriage. 
2. In Sweden guests may steal kisses from the bride when the groom leaves and table and from the groom when the bride leaves the table. 
3.Bride kidnapping is tradition in Romania. Guests steal away the bride and the groom must barter with singing, wine, and money to get her back.
4. Brides in Wales incorporate and give a cutting of myrtle from their bouquets to give to each of their bridesmaids. If the cutting blooms that bridesmaid will soon marry.
5. England, specifically Queen Victoria, was responsible for the white wedding tradition that is still follow in many countries today.
6. White hoods are worn by Japanese brides to hide what is called their horns of jealousy. This is done in respect for the bride's new mother in-law.
7. Mexican brides often carry two bouquets. One bouquet (or a single rose) is offered as a tribute to the Blessed Mother, Mary.
8. In Germany the newlyweds are presented with a log and a saw. They must saw through the log together to symbolize being able to overcome life's trials together and working as a team.
9. Bridal Showers are actually called Kitchen Showers in Brazil and are for the bride only.
10. If you are female Filipino with sisters you have to plan your weddings in different years. If you marry in the same year as your sister your wedding will suffer bad luck.
11.  Greek grooms get their faces shaved by their koumbaro (best man), are dressed by their groomsmen and family, and fed honey and almonds by their new mother in-law. These acts are believed to show trust and sweeten the marriage.
12. In Fiji a carved whales tooth is presented to the father before asking for the daughter's hand in marriage. If accepted it is thought to be a spiritual binding of the families.
13. Guests pay Polish couples to dance with them during a money dance. The maid of honor typically collects the money in an apron and the best man serves up shots. Guests tend to fold the money to make the couples work for it.
14. Moroccan weddings last seven days, three of which are just to prepare the bride and groom for marriage and celebrate separately.
15.French couples traditionally have Coquembouche (puffed pastry tower) instead of cake.
16. A dove (one female and one male) release during a wedding ceremony in the Philipense is thought to bring peace and happiness to the couples marriage.
17. Very traditional Russian couples decide who will be head of the household based on who can take the biggest bite of the karavaya (specially decorated sweetbread) at their wedding. No hands allowed
18. If you are Guatemalan and are the mother of the groom you are to smash a ceramic bell filled with grain to bring your new daughter in-law and son prosperity and happiness. 
19. In ancient Italy you would have never gotten married on a Tuesday or Friday as it was considered to be very bad luck.
20. Chinese brides often wear three dresses throughout their wedding day. The first is a traditional quipao which is red in color and form fitting. That dress is followed by a more western white and ball gown style dress for the reception. Finally a cocktail dress is worn by nights end and the couple's exit.
21. If you are a female in India and are unfortunate enough to be born when Mars and Saturn are under the seventh house you will first need to marry a tree (yes a tree!) and have it cut down before you can marry a man. Cutting down the tree you marry will lift the curse that was astrologically place on you.
22. Scottish brides are dowsed in all sorts of messy things like molasses, feathers, and flour to ward off evil spirits.
23. Guests in Australia are given river rocks to hold during a traditional wedding ceremony. At the end of the ceremony the guests place their rocks into a unity bowl to be kept by the couple as a reminder of all those who celebrated their love and wishes them well.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY Fan Flowers

Paper Fan Flowers
These adorable and easy to create flowers can be created to add something special
to any style wedding, especially a shabby chic or country one!
Supplies Needed:
~Scrapbook Paper (two different designs or more are best)
~Paper Trimmer or X-acto Blade and Ruler
~Hot Glue Gun
~Glue Sticks
~Decorative Accents (I chose burlap flowers but gems or paper circles...etc. can be used)


Cut a piece of your scrapbook paper into 3"x3" squares.
-Your paper can be any size but should be squares to achieve the best look.
Cut a piece of your scrapbook paper, of a different design, into 1 1/2"x1 1/2" squares.
-Your paper can be any size but should be squares and smaller to achieve the best look.
Fold each of your squares into a paper fan.

Fold each of your fans at the center. Use your glue gun to run a strip of glue on the interior fold.
This will create a triangular shape.
Use your glue gun to add glue to the outer edges of your triangles one section at a time. The first two will be easy to glue together but be prepared to stretch and hold while adding your third to create your round flower base.

When finished gluing your triangles together they should equal a round base (pictured below).

Continue the same steps as you used to create your base to create the second layer of your flower.
Add glue to the center of your base flower round to attach your second flower round to the top.

Add a decorative accent of your choice (or not) to complete your flowers!
Your completed paper fan flowers can be used to decorate centerpieces, menu cards, favor boxes, ...etc. Make larger ones to create a beautiful backdrop or add some flair to your ceremony aisle.

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