Monday, February 29, 2016

Hair and Makeup

2016 Beauty Trends At A Glance
Our expert stylist, Lindsey Sheeler, dishes on the latest and most popular
wedding hair and makeup trends for 2016. From tousled locks to 
heavily embellished headpieces, there is a true natural princess
theme hitting the scene this year. In keeping with this theme we will
see shimmering neutral eye shadows and rosy lip colors.

Top Four Trending Hair Styles


Tousled Romantic Updos

Ballerina Buns

Heavy Floral and Bling Embelishments

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Local Vendor Alert! Dry Cleaner

Consider Protecting Your Investment
Wedding day bliss can transform your perfect wedding gown
into a stained, soiled, and even torn mess.
 Fortunately, Kelchner Cleaners can help you restore it to a treasured heirloom
with their careful cleaning and preservation methods!
Museum Method Hanging Preservation
This is an alternative to boxed gown preservation. It allows your wedding gown to breath.
`Acid/lignon-free cotton padded hanger and bag
`Bodice stuffed with acid-free tissue
`Hangs in standard closet for storage
`Least risk of permanent creases
`Permits easy inspection
Museum Chest Method Preservation
This is a more traditional method using a chest, tight fitting lid, and is covered by a
zipped muslin bag.
`Packaged in acid/lignon-free tissue paper and a muslin liner after folded neatly
`Made for under bed or closet shelf storage
`Permits periodic inspection
Five Reasons To Have Your Wedding Gown Preserved Sooner Than Later
1. Stains left untreated will become mores difficult to remove as time passes.
2. Spills from clear beverages may dry clear but will oxidize to yellow.
3. Perspiration left on your gown will darken and cause lining to become brittle.
4. Gowns left in plastic bags will yellow from the fumes given off by the plastic.
5. Your gown is more likely to be wearable and shared in the future!
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