Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blocking Rooms

Making Hotel Arrangements Is Easy
Are you preparing for your wedding and inviting out-of town guests?
Remember to book a block of hotel rooms!
If you are confused about how this works you will find the below list of tips helpful.

1.) Shop around if it's an option. Each hotel will have different offerings. It is your right to check them all out to secure the best hotel with the most to offer. Finding the perfect hotel for your guests is as easy as a phone call or email to each of your local hotels. Just tell them you are looking for information in regards to booking a block of rooms for your wedding and they will lead the way. It is important to let them know the location and date of your wedding so they can quickly let you know if they are able to accommodate your needs.

2.) Don't forget about Friday night. If any of your out-of-town guests will be coming to your rehearsal or will need to arrive early it will be a great convenience to have both Friday and Saturday night blocked for them.

3.) A wedding block does not have to cost you anything. There are plenty of hotels that will not charge you and will simply close the un-booked rooms in your block 30 days prior to the wedding.