Thursday, April 30, 2015

DIY Lace Vase Project

Lace Vase Centerpieces
If you are looking for an easy way to dress up
simple glass centerpieces this DIY idea will be a perfect project for you!
Give any plain glass vase a classic romance or rustic chic look.
To accomplish a rustic chic vibe chose burlap or vintage lace or try
metallic or embellished lace if you prefer a more classic romance ambience.    
What You Will Need:
~ Glass Vase(s) of your choice
~ Roll(s) of Lace
~ Scissors
~ Seamstress Tape Measure
~ Hot Glue Gun
~ Hot Glue Sticks

How To Create:
First plug in your hot glue gun to allow it to heat up. Begin by measuring the circumference of your vase. Add half an inch to your circumference measurement. This will give you the length needed for each strip of lace. Using your this measurement, cut your lace strip from the spool. Wrap your lace strip horizontally around your vase to decide on your exact placement before adding glue. If your lace has a flat edge on one side place that flat edge along the bottom to begin your lace rows. If it does not have a flat edge leave a little extra along the edge to wrap under the vase and create a smooth finished look. Place a vertical strip of glue, about the width of your lace, close to the bottom of your vase and then begin wrapping the lace vertically around the vase. Add a bit more glue and attach the loose end by either folding that extra half inch over and pressing down or pressing down and trimming the excess to match. Any excess lace at the bottom can be glued under the vase. Add as many strips as you would like by lining each strip up against the previous and following the same steps as you used to apply the first. When you are finished adding lace add floating candles and colored pebbles to the containers will complete the look.

Friday, April 3, 2015

New All-Inclusive Package!

Introducing Your Dream Wedding Team... 
Why shop around on a tiresome search to find the perfect group of vendors?
To make your wedding day stress-free and memorable for all the right reasons, hire
When you hire us you get an experienced team of vendors
with great chemistry and passion for weddings.
Your wedding day will run smoothly and our service won't break your budget!

All-Inclusive Dream Team Package
Consultation to discuss goals you would like to meet for your ceremony and reception
Up to two additional consultation sessions (each additional meeting thereafter is $50 per meeting)
Unlimited telephone and email communication
Recommendation of ceremony and reception vendors
Coordination of your rehearsal, ceremony, and reception: coordinate and direct practice processional for rehearsal, direct processional on the day of your wedding ceremony, assist
with dressing, distribute flowers to wedding party members, direct
vendors to their appropriate areas once they arrive, be your guest concierge during all parts
of the day, assist with photos,
reception introduction line up...etc.
Creation of a wedding day itinerary to be distributed to all involved
Certified wedding planner available on site to oversee the entire rehearsal and wedding day
Fully trained planning team available on site the day of your wedding
Travel additional fees for mileage,wedding starter folder, and wedding day
emergency kit
(Add set-up and clean-up for inclusion)
Two cameras; one at your ceremony and one at your reception (one videographer)
Seven hours of coverage
Interactive DVD
Guest blessings
Thirty picture slide show
Highlights Film
Three copies of the final DVD
Four hours (extra hour $100 each)
One Disc Jockey/Entertainer
Silver Light Show (three to five effects)
Two bridal bonus selection
Eight hours
One Photographer
Unlimited Photos
Web Hosting
All high resolution photos on flash drive with printing rights 

Upgrades Available at Discounted Prices!
Other Combinations of Vendors and Pricing Available!
Request information from any of the above listed vendors or contact
Stephanie Engle of Designing Memories
to book your Dream Team wedding today!
570-691-7740 ~