Thursday, September 25, 2014

Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Do You Want Your Wedding Dress
To Remain Beautiful For Years To Come?
Protect your investment and ensure enjoyment
of this special part of your wedding day for future generations!
Top Five Tips for Preserving Your Wedding Dress
1. Your wedding dress should be preserved by taking it to a trusted dry cleaner within three weeks
 of your wedding day to prevent stains from setting in.
2. Avoid cleaners who use vacuum sealing or shrink wrapping techniques.
3. If you are aware of specific stains on your wedding dress and what caused them be sure to point
 them out to the cleaner. The more information you provide them with the better the results you will get.
4. After you pick up your wedding dress from the cleaner, don't break the seal on the container that your wedding dress was preserved in.
4. When you receive your wedding dress from the cleaner do not store your wedding dress in a basement or attic.

Best Storing Conditions
 1. Cool or Steady Room Temperature Space...prevents discoloration and deterioration of fabric
 2. Dry...prevents mildew and mold from growing
 3. Away From Sunlight...prevents fading and yellowing

The best place to store your wedding dress is not in a cardboard box after wearing it (which will surely yellow and destroy your special dress) but in the container it came preserved in from a professional dry cleaner. Place your preserved dress in a closet or under a bed within your house for safe keeping.
Would You Rather Donate Your Dress?
If you like the notion of allowing your dress to continue to give enjoyment to another bride
you may want to consider donating your wedding dress to one of these great charities!
Brides Against Breast Cancer