Saturday, August 23, 2014

DIY Guest Book Keepsake

Guest Book Scrapbook Keepsake
This post is for all my crafty brides out there!
 Instead of just signing a book by writing their names, guests
can fill in mad libs, answer open ended questions, and write you
 special notes from the heart to be added to your scrapbook later. 
This gives your guests some entertainment for cocktail hour too!
Also, if you are a Maid of Honor or bridesmaid this is something fun
to surprise the bride with at her bridal shower and then again at her wedding.
What You Will Need:
~ 12x12 Scrapbook
~ Scissors
~ Straight Edge Paper Cutter or Ruler and Exacto Blade
~ Double Sided Tape
~ Doodling Utensils: Markers, Felt Tip Pens, and Colored Pencils
~ Plain or Lightly Colored Scrapbooking or Invitation Card Stock Paper
 (computer paper works too if attaching to a backing paper)
~ Colorful or Patterned Scrapbooking Paper to Use as Backing
~ 12x12 Scrapbook Pages
~ Microsoft Word (or another computer program with graphic editing capabilities)
Optional Items:
~ Corner Clipper
~ Design Punch
~ Stickers

How To Create:
I first chose the sizes I wanted to make the notes and mini mad libs pages I would be designing, which for me was 4x6. I then purchase invitation card stock in colors, related to the wedding colors, that were 5x7 to use as backing. I did this so when the designed page was taped to the backing page it would create a nice bordered effect. You can certainly choose scrapbook paper and cut it down to whatever sizes you would like. I created some designs using a borderless 4x6 layout on Microsoft Word and added some fun mad libs and open ended questions for guests to fill out. I personalized these pages with the bride's name because I am personally using this as part of a bridal shower gift. You can also include the groom's name, wedding date, or monogram. at the top of yours. Once all the pieces were assembled I displayed the scrapbook, a note instructing guests on what to do, the pages I created for them to write on, some felt tip pens to write with, and a couple sheets of stickers for guests to embellish their pages. Later you can assemble the pages guests wrote on and photos you took at the event together within the scrapbook!