Friday, March 28, 2014

Wedding Music

Wedding Day Song List
Many brides are not sure of when music should be played throughout  their wedding day.
The list below shows a typical line up of wedding day music and when it is to be played. 
Create your list and have fun choosing music that is special to you and your fiance!
*Some religions and cultures may use variations to the list below.

~Prelude: played before the ceremony begins
~Processional: played while parents (and sometimes grandparents) and wedding party walk down the aisle 
~Bride Entrance: played only for the bride 
~Interlude: played during a special part of the ceremony or between to mainly fill silences (ex. lighting of the unity candles, crown ceremony, sand ceremony…etc.
~Recessional: played during the exit of the parents, wedding party, and bride & groom 
~Postlude: played as guests exit the ceremony location

~Introduction Music: played while the parents (and sometimes grandparents), wedding party, and bride & groom enter the reception (looping song or separately chosen songs) 
~First Dance: played while bride & groom only dance 
~Mother & Son Dance: played while mother of the groom and the groom only dance
~Father & Daughter Dance: played while father of the bride and bride only dance 
~Wedding Party: played while the bride & groom, wedding party, and any other selection of groups of people dance
~Bridal/Money/Apron Dance: played while the bride & groom dance with individuals or groups of guests…guests in turn give money and receive a shot, cookie, or other token of appreciation
~Bouquet Toss/Garter Toss: played while the garter is being taken off and being tossed to single men attendants along with when the bouquet is being tossed to single lady attendants (typically two different songs)
~Cake Cutting: played while the bride & groom cut the cake
~Last Dance: played as the last song of the wedding night

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seaside Retreat Inspiration

Sand & Sun
If you are hosting your wedding 
at a beach location or maybe just with a beach theme
 the tablescape below is sure to inspire you!

The use of bright and vibrant colors is a fantastic way 
to make your guests feel energized and excited for the celebration of your wedding!

Let your guests know you and your fiance are thankful 
they were able to join you in your wedding fun with a note at each table setting.
Also, if you made a donation to a local charity in lieu of favors this 
is a great place to let your guests know about the donation you made in their names.