Friday, February 28, 2014

Loving Your Photographer

Wedding Photography Words of Wisdom

Hire a Professional
Would you let someone that has never cut hair before become your hair dresser for the day
or would you let a friend that is not a doctor operate on you? Not hire a professional.
The experience a professional photographer has attained throughout the years can provide you with
the same reassurance and support other professionals do by helping your wedding day run smoothly!
Remember your photographer and videographer are the only vendors giving you tangible memories
after your wedding day is over, so be sure to hire someone that will make those memories sparkle!

Get to Know Your Photographer

If you are booking your photographer through a studio with multiple shooters,
 make sure you get to meet with YOUR wedding day photographer(s).
 By doing this you will know if your personalities meld well together and if you have a good connection.
Also, be sure to ask to see your wedding day photographer's sample albums only
so you don't end up falling in love with another photographer's photos.
Checking out a complete wedding album from an individual wedding rather than
a sampling of weddings can also be helpful in choosing the perfect photographer for you.
Your wedding album should tell the story of your special day, so you should see that in the samples!

Let the magic of your wedding day happen naturally.
If you hire a quality professional photographer there will be no need to show them
 a plethora of specific photos you found online or saw taken at someone else's wedding.
Seeing ideas on Pinterest is nice and inspiring but remember every image needs
to have the right combination of certain things to make it work.
If decide to show your photographer your inspirational photos let them use it as just that...inspiration.
A great photographer will capture all the special moments that made your wedding day magical.
Have trust in the professional you hire and let their creativity shine!
Remember to live in the moment and don't sweat the small stuff...
a passing rain storm can create the perfect unexpected photo opportunity!

Give Yourself Enough Time for Photos
Don't forget to give yourself at least and hour or two between
your ceremony and reception to have posed and playful photos taken. 
Most importantly don't forget to figure in the amount of time
you will need for traveling from one location to another.
One of the most common wedding day snafus is not allowing enough time for photography.
Don't miss photos with important family members for lack of time.
Trust your wedding planner and photographer when they give you a timeline for a task like this
because you may be surprised at how fast time flies when you are having fun!

A big thank you goes out to 
Mark Carvalho of Picture This...Photography
for his advice, professional insight about wedding photography, and photos!!!
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