Saturday, December 13, 2014

Local Vendor Alert! Wedding Gifts


Looking For Unique Thank You Gifts, Favors, and Accessories?
Designing Memories has recently interviewed
Local Shop Owner Deanna Spohn-Lincoln of Sunshine Blue Skies
to help our blog viewers discover new and special gift ideas!
What inspired you to open your gift shop?
Deanna is a fused glass artist and had been selling her art in the previous owner's shop. When the previous owner decided to retire Deanna decided to purchase it to make it her own and put her special touches on it.

What makes your gift shop a unique stop to buy gifts for a bridal party and parents?
Sunshine Blue Skies specializes in high quality home accessories, fine works of art by local artists, and clothing accessories. Finding that perfect gift of class and sophistication that you have been searching for will be easy considering the wide range of items available. All of the items sold in this shop are particularly unique and make great gifts! Sunshine Blue Skies will also put a special touch on your purchases by including their complimentary gift wrapping service.

Top Three Purchases Made By Brides:
1. Vietri Italian Pottery Serving Pieces
These lovely serving pieces are great to give as a gift or to purchase to use during future dinners with your soon-to-be husband. All pieces are handmade in Italy and are suitable for everyday use and special occasions.
2. Italian Glassware
Champagne flutes and wine glasses, handmade in Italy, are available in a variety of styles and are sure to set you apart from the rest!
3. Cocktail Napkins and Holders by Mariposa.
This combination of elegantly designed napkins and a both functional and decorative holder with themed napkin weight can add a subtle touch of sophistication to the bar or buffet at any wedding!
~Also check out the wide variety of jewelry, candles, scarves, and hand bags for inexpensive and impressive bridesmaids and mothers gifts!
Do you have any items that can be personalized?
 Yes. Peggy Karr Glass, handmade in the USA, can easily be engraved with a special message, name, or monogram. You can also personalize any of the Mariposa aluminum pieces, such as picture frames and serving platters, by having them engraved as well.

What kind of favor options do you offer?

Small candies that can be packaged in absolutely adorable handmade favor boxes, which are made and customized by a local artist. You may also purchase the boxes separately and fill them as you would like. Tea Forte teas are a wonderful crowd pleaser! Combine  a variety of tea with a sweet honey stick by placing them into a bag and tying it off with colorful ribbon in your wedding colors. Pear shaped candles are available in a variety of colors and are a unique favor option to offer guests.

See more about Deanna and her gift shop, Blue Sunshine Skies, in the
Designing Memories Bridal Magazine!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2015 Bridal Expo Schedule

Bridal Expo Schedule
We look forward to seeing you soon!

 January 8th
Lancaster Host
6 pm to 8 pm
meet and greet

January 11th
Reading Country Club
12 noon to 4 pm
~See our designer talents put to use at our booth
and the Holiday Inn of Morgantown's booth!

January 18th
Eden Resort
12 noon to 3 pm

January 25th
Holiday Inn of Morgantown
12 noon to 4 pm

February 22nd
Caldwell Consistory
12 noon to 4 pm

March 8th
1 pm to 5 pm
Also Attend...
Queen of Hearts Tea Party
Starts at 11:30am
Tickets need to be pre-purchased from Designing Memories for $12 per guest
See more details at

Book Your Wedding
At Any Of The Above Listed Bridal Expos
To Get A Free Piece Of Smitten Jewelry

Now Accepting Credit Cards!

Post Photos of Wedding Inspiration You Spot
 While Attending Bridal Expos Using These Hashtags...
#DMBridalEvents  #BridalShows 

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2015 Bridal Magazine Vendors

Designing Memories Bridal Magazine Vendors

Vendor and Wedding Resource Website
Wedding Cake, Candy, Favors, and Bakery Items

Designs by ME
Wedding Invitation and Business Marketing
Wedding Consulting
Ceremony and Reception Venue
Reception Venue
DJ and Lighting
Vintage and Antique Rentals
Handmade Jewelry
Bridal and Special Events Attire and Accessories
Favors and Bridal Gifts

The Craig Satchell Experience
Dance Band and Duos
DJ and Lighting
Honeymoon Planner and Travel Agent

BRIDES: Contact Stephanie at for your FREE copy!
Please title your email DM Bridal Magazine for a speedy confirmation response.
Include your full name and mailing address in the body of your email.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How To Write a Wedding Invitation

Six Steps To Writing A Wedding Invitation
If you are having trouble writing your wedding invitations, look no further.
The advice given below is not the only way to write an invitation but it
 will give you some basic guidelines to follow and tips to help you along the way.

ONE: Tell guests who is hosting your wedding. 

Couple Hosting:
Together with their families,
Erika Evans and Scott Smith
Ms. Erika Evans and Mr. Scott Smith
Erika Marie and Scott Smith

Parents Hosting:
Mr. and Mrs. John Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Mary and John Evans
Cindy and Michael Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Evans

*Traditionally speaking it was always the brides parents doing the 'hosting' but the modern day wedding is evolving so that has become less common over the years.
*If you and/or your fiancé have divorced parents or experience disagreements on how to word this beginning section of your wedding invitation, "Together with their families,"is most commonly used.
*In the case of one or more parents having passed away you should use the words "the late" in front of the persons name (ex. the late John Evans). If the surviving spouse is remarried, the step-parent may be recognized on the invitation instead of the birth parent.
*Feel free to add middle names or initials, especially to the bride and groom's names. Adding middle names can create a more formal feel.
*You can add a sweet poem or a little phrase to the beginning of this section to add your own personal touch to your invitations.
"We have decided on forever and forever begins when we..."
"Two lives and two hearts joined together in friendship and united forever in love"
"With joyful hearts..."

TWO: Make a request to your guest to come to your wedding.
request the honor of your presence
request the pleasure of your company
would like you to join them in celebration
would be delighted for you to attend

Couple Hosting:
at their marriage
Parents Hosting:
at the marriage of their children
at the marriage of their daughter
at the marriage of

*The word honor can also be spelled honour for a more formal look and feel to the invitation.

THREE: Noting the happy couple is important if the parents are listed in the first 'hosting section' of the invitation.

Erika Marie
Scott Martin Smith
Erika Marie Evans
Scott Martin Smith
Ms. Erika M. Evans
and Mr. Scott M. Smith
Erika Evans and Scott Smith
*Traditionally speaking the brides name should appear first and use only her first and middle name and the groom's name should be listed with his first, middle, and last name (as shown in the first example). This is just a tip for if you want to keep your invitations very traditional.
*The word 'to' can, in some cases, be substituted in place of the word 'and'.
FOUR: You will need to tell your guests the date and time of your wedding.
Saturday, the eighteenth of April
two thousand and fifteen
at half past three o'clock in the afternoon
Saturday, April 18th, 2015
 at 3:30 in the afternoon
at 3:30p.m.

*Traditionally the date and time are spelled out. This is a tradition that seems to still be consistently observed for modern day weddings unless they are of the casual sort.

FIVE: Communicate the location of your wedding ceremony to your guests.
The Museum and Arts Center
22 Short Cut Road
Reading, Pennsylvania, 19606
The Museum and Arts Center
22 Short Cut Road
Reading, PA 19606
The Museum and Arts Center
Reading, Pennsylvania, 19606

*Do not leave out the zip code. Many guests will be using a GPS to travel, which needs they may need the zip coed to get to your venue without complications.
*If you are having your wedding ceremony at a church it is advisable to included both the name of the church and the address because there may be more than one St. John's Church in the same city or town. You wouldn't want any guests going to the wrong church or having an onslaught of phone calls asking which one it is.

SIX: Let your guests know where to go and what to expect after your wedding ceremony.
Same Venue:
Please join us in celebration immediately following the ceremony
Reception to immediately follow in the Picasso Room
Formal Adult Cocktails and Dinner Reception to follow
in the Picasso Room at The Museum and Arts Center
at Five o'clock
A romantic evening of cocktails, dinner, and dancing to follow
at Five o'clock in the Picasso Room at The Museum and Arts Center

Separate Venue:
The Sunflower Hills Country Club
4 Sunshine Road
Springs, PA 19608
Please join us for cocktails, dinner, and merriment following the ceremony
Dinner Reception and Dancing to follow
Five o'clock in the afternoon
The Sunflower Hills Country Club
Springs, Pennsylvania 19608
A formal romantic evening of cocktails, dinner, and dancing to follow
The Sunflower Hills Country Club
4 Sunshine Road
Springs, Pennsylvania 19608
at Five o'clock

*If you would not like to invite children to your reception and it is an adults only event print 'Adult' Reception to Follow...
*If you are not having a full dinner reception be sure to let the guests know in the way you word this section. For example, if you are having dessert and select cocktails at your reception give the address and time (as in the examples above) followed by something like "Dessert Buffet and Signature Drinks to Follow". If you are doing this, be conscious of the times you select. Don't plan a dessert or light faire reception for 5pm or 6pm, instead plan a later ceremony and a 7:30pm reception.
*Dress requirements should be noted on the invitation towards the bottom. For example if you would like guests to know your wedding is a black tie event you simply print "Black Tie" at the bottom of the invite or use black tie in the description of you event in this section.

Reply Card Includes:
~The date the guest's reply is needed by. This date should be set at least two weeks prior to your wedding date.
~A space to write the names of the people replying.
~A number attending line OR Accepts with Pleasure and Declines with Regret Lines
~Food Options (this will not be needed if you are having a buffet)

*Number your reply cards lightly with pencil on the BACK. The numbers should coordinate the name of the guest to their reply card in case they forget to write their name on the card when mailing it back

For more advice and help with the design
of your invitations contact


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Do You Want Your Wedding Dress
To Remain Beautiful For Years To Come?
Protect your investment and ensure enjoyment
of this special part of your wedding day for future generations!
Top Five Tips for Preserving Your Wedding Dress
1. Your wedding dress should be preserved by taking it to a trusted dry cleaner within three weeks
 of your wedding day to prevent stains from setting in.
2. Avoid cleaners who use vacuum sealing or shrink wrapping techniques.
3. If you are aware of specific stains on your wedding dress and what caused them be sure to point
 them out to the cleaner. The more information you provide them with the better the results you will get.
4. After you pick up your wedding dress from the cleaner, don't break the seal on the container that your wedding dress was preserved in.
4. When you receive your wedding dress from the cleaner do not store your wedding dress in a basement or attic.

Best Storing Conditions
 1. Cool or Steady Room Temperature Space...prevents discoloration and deterioration of fabric
 2. Dry...prevents mildew and mold from growing
 3. Away From Sunlight...prevents fading and yellowing

The best place to store your wedding dress is not in a cardboard box after wearing it (which will surely yellow and destroy your special dress) but in the container it came preserved in from a professional dry cleaner. Place your preserved dress in a closet or under a bed within your house for safe keeping.
Would You Rather Donate Your Dress?
If you like the notion of allowing your dress to continue to give enjoyment to another bride
you may want to consider donating your wedding dress to one of these great charities!
Brides Against Breast Cancer

Saturday, August 23, 2014

DIY Guest Book Keepsake

Guest Book Scrapbook Keepsake
This post is for all my crafty brides out there!
 Instead of just signing a book by writing their names, guests
can fill in mad libs, answer open ended questions, and write you
 special notes from the heart to be added to your scrapbook later. 
This gives your guests some entertainment for cocktail hour too!
Also, if you are a Maid of Honor or bridesmaid this is something fun
to surprise the bride with at her bridal shower and then again at her wedding.
What You Will Need:
~ 12x12 Scrapbook
~ Scissors
~ Straight Edge Paper Cutter or Ruler and Exacto Blade
~ Double Sided Tape
~ Doodling Utensils: Markers, Felt Tip Pens, and Colored Pencils
~ Plain or Lightly Colored Scrapbooking or Invitation Card Stock Paper
 (computer paper works too if attaching to a backing paper)
~ Colorful or Patterned Scrapbooking Paper to Use as Backing
~ 12x12 Scrapbook Pages
~ Microsoft Word (or another computer program with graphic editing capabilities)
Optional Items:
~ Corner Clipper
~ Design Punch
~ Stickers

How To Create:
I first chose the sizes I wanted to make the notes and mini mad libs pages I would be designing, which for me was 4x6. I then purchase invitation card stock in colors, related to the wedding colors, that were 5x7 to use as backing. I did this so when the designed page was taped to the backing page it would create a nice bordered effect. You can certainly choose scrapbook paper and cut it down to whatever sizes you would like. I created some designs using a borderless 4x6 layout on Microsoft Word and added some fun mad libs and open ended questions for guests to fill out. I personalized these pages with the bride's name because I am personally using this as part of a bridal shower gift. You can also include the groom's name, wedding date, or monogram. at the top of yours. Once all the pieces were assembled I displayed the scrapbook, a note instructing guests on what to do, the pages I created for them to write on, some felt tip pens to write with, and a couple sheets of stickers for guests to embellish their pages. Later you can assemble the pages guests wrote on and photos you took at the event together within the scrapbook!



Monday, July 21, 2014

DM Bridal Magazine

Coming Soon...
Designing Memories Bridal Magazine
January 2015
BRIDES: Contact Stephanie at for your FREE copy!
Please title your email DM Bridal Magazine for a speedy confirmation response.
Include your full name and mailing address in the body of your email.
VENDORS: Contact Stephanie at or at 570-691-7740
to inquire about advertising space and rates.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Table Number Inspiration

Beauty Is In The Details!
 Table Numbers are a must have in order to get your guests to their correct tables
so why not make them as beautiful, unique, and fun as the rest of your wedding décor!?
Here are some fabulous table number designs to inspire you!





Thursday, June 5, 2014

Find Local Vendors

If you are a Berks County Bride or a Bride celebrating her Wedding
in one of the Surrounding Counties we have a Website for you!

What is
Designing Memories loves BCW! is a fantastic resource for you to find reputable vendors to help make your wedding dreams come true, see where the next local bridal expos will be, and get advice and tips for your wedding day!

Below are just a Few of the Helpful Links Found on the BCW website:
Emergency Kit Items
Wedding Officiants
Marriage License Information

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Low Centerpiece Inspiration

 Short and Sweet
Low centerpieces are great for just about any wedding style.
They allow your guests to see each other across the table
which creates an environment conducive for socializing.
They also can save you a little money
without loosing the wow factor every bride is looking for!