Friday, August 30, 2013

Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses
So you have your dream dress and the perfect veil, 
now your next mission is to tackle finding the right bridesmaids dresses.
 The only trouble is pleasing your whole wedding party 
and most importantly yourself with the choice you make. 
Below are some ideas to please even the most finicky bridemaidzilla!

Tradtitional with a Twist
These looks stick to the tradition of all your ladies wearing the same dress and color
 but give this tradtion a modern twist by incorporating sequins, lace, bling, and pattern.


Give a Little Get a Smile
Let your bridesmaids choose the color they wear (give them options to choose from) but 
ask them to wear the same style dress. This is a great way to get what you want as a bride 
while also allowing your bridesmaids some ownership in the dress they wear.
Another variation on this would be to choose the dress they wear entirely but 
let them choose the color of the shoes or a sash they are wearing with the dress you choose.



Individualism with Balance
These looks show off how choosing a color or color palette for your ladies to stick to 
but allowing them to choose the style of the dress they will wear appease everyone and looks fantastic!
This is perfect for every body type and varying personalities.

Contact Special Moments for help choosing the
perfect bridesmaid dresses for your wedding! 

Whatever you decide to do make it your own!
Just Don't...

 Or well...ummm...?