Thursday, May 16, 2013

Favors for Every Season

Four Seasons of Favors Ideas
If you are looking for fresh and new favor ideas you may like one of the ideas below.
Have Fun and Happy Planning!

A message in a bottle favor can be created by adding sea salt 
and a personalized message to a small glass or plastic bottle with a cork.
Your color scheme can be incorporated by attaching ribbon or bling.
Tip: Attach the rolled up message to the cork by putting a bit of hot glue on the cork
(the end that goes into the bottle). Put the rolled up message into the bottle leaving a some
peaking out the top, add a bit of glue to the cork, and rest the cork on the rolled up message. 
After letting it dry for a moment push message into the bottle by pushing on the cork.

If you are hosting a fall wedding and are on a budget this is a fun favor to thank your guests with.
We used a gold foil Dove chocolate egg and a faux fall leaf to create this favor. 
If you would like to add a special touch use a metallic pen or paint and thin tipped 
paint brush to right words, your monogram, wedding date, etc. on the leaf (as shown).
Tip: Scrapbooking dots work best to attach the chocolate egg to the leaf, 
but a tiny dot of hot glue works as well.

Pine Cone Petal Favors are a great favor for the crafty bride. You will need faux 
hydrangea flowers, pine cones, 3" wide ribbon (minimum 2"), and a paper favor box. 
Begin by gluing your ribbon around the bottom part of the box to incorporate your 
wedding colors and add a classy touch (optional). Then glue your pine cones to the centers 
of the lids (one per lid). When the pine cone is secure, fill in with hydrangea petals 
around the pine cone by gluing them one at a time to the lid only. 
Tip: A hot glue gun will be your friend for this favor project.
 Be sure to purchase favor boxes that have separate lids that can be completely removed.

Nature and garden loving brides are drawn to this favor idea. This can be easily created by 
purchasing a bulk of seed packets, single flowers (daisies work the best), and wire.
 Remove all the stem from the daisies leaving a little 1/2" bit only. Use a hot glue gun 
to glue your seed packet to the back of a daisy. You should be gluing the seed packet 
just above the bit of stem you left attached. Use your wire to create little spirals (optional), 
which can be attached between the petals using a hot glue gun. Finally form a loop of wire 
and bend it at the end to attach with glue to the back of the seed packet...
this will give it stability and help it to stand more easily by itself. 
Tip: Choose seed packets that reflect your wedding color scheme. 
Use jewelry wire for the stand and swirl details because it is much easier to manipulate. 
Wrap the wire around a pen or pencil to make forming spirals easier.

Napkin Ring Favors can be a chic favor for the shabby chic bride. 
This napkin ring is a flower embellished bent spoon 
which can be bought or made from thrift or antique store finds.
This one was made by Smitten Handmade Designs

 This idea takes a simple favor box and turns it into something more personal and interesting. 
We added a be-dazzled feather, a special "Like Two Birds of a Feather" quote, and 
some egg shaped candy in the same color scheme to complete the look of this fun favor.
 Tip: The black shred inside gives the favor a nice presentation factor
 and allows you to stretch you candy supply to get more out of it.