Monday, November 26, 2012

Easy DIY Centerpiece Idea

Bubble Vase Centerpiece
Bring some glitz and glam easily to your wedding with these centerpieces!


What you will need:
~ cylindrical (tall and skinny) glass container
~ clear chunky diamond filler
~ colored small gem filler (choose your most prominent wedding color or something to accent your linens)
~ clear glass or plastic ornaments (wide enough to fit your ornament into the mouth)
~ real or fake orchids flowers (or any other small flower, but orchids work best)
~ jewelry wire (22 gauge)
~ pen or pencil
~ wire cutters
~ pitcher of water (distilled won't create tiny bubbles but tap is fine if you are in a pinch)

All of the items mentioned above can be found at your local craft store, flower shop, or wedding supply store

How to Create:
         Start with an empty cylindrical container. Drop in a small hand full of your chunky diamond filler, a few of your small gems, another small hand full of chunky diamonds, and a few of your small gems to finish it and create a subtle layered effect. The diamonds and gems should only take up a third to a half of your container.
         Now take you flower and cut it to have about an inch or less of a stem. You will need a bit of a stem to keep the flower from falling out of the ornament. Set that aside while you take the hook and top off the ornament. Cut a 10" to 12" piece of wire from the spool using wire cutters. Starting in the center of the wire, leaving both ends free, wrap the center of the wire around the ornament's neck one or twice so that it is secure with a tail of wire on each side. Wrap one tail/loose end of the wire around your pencil or pen and pull the pen or pencil out of the center to create a curl. Do the same to the other tail/loose end of the wire. Now you should have a curly piece of wire jutting from both ends. You of course can bend and sculpt the wire to create the exact look you would like. Add a few (maybe 15-20) gems to the ornament by pouring them into the opening that the wire is wrapped around.
           Fill your cylindrical glass container about three fourth of the way with water, leaving enough room at the top for your ornament to set down inside the glass container. Place your gem filled ornament into the glass container by hooking the wire curl onto the side of the glass container. Add your orchid (or other flower) to the opening of the ornament and you have completed your Bubble Vase Centerpiece!

Use different height cylindar groupings, add votive candles, or incorporate low flower mounds to add an extra wow to this centerpiece and make it your own!