Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Outdoor Wedding

Do you Dream of an Outdoor Wedding?

Maybe you are imagining a...
Romantic Vineyard

 ...or a Lush Garden

...or something a little more Open and Tree Lined

 ... or well the list goes on. 

No matter where you would like to host your wedding, if it is the great outdoors
 that you have in mind you will need to prepare and be ready to deal 
with mother nature's mood swings. Most brides when dreaming of an outdoor wedding location
 don't think of some very important details before and during the planning of their ceremony.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind and questions to ask yourself to keep from a wedding day disaster.

Questions to Ask Yourself
.                .               .
Do you have a Plan B? 
No bride that plans to have an outdoor wedding ceremony wants to create a plan B because they simply can't picture being married indoors. I promise it is a necessity. If mother nature has a temper tantrum pouring rain all over your wedding site you will be extremely thankful that you chose a plan B location. Or what if a hurricane roles in the week of your wedding and you have to react fast? You will be happy you came up with a plan B location in advance.

What time of year are you planning to get married? Is it a time of year that is suitable for an outdoor ceremony? 
If you are having a winter wedding a completely outdoor wedding ceremony may not be the best idea because you and your guests will likely not love shivering through your vows. If you do choose to have an outdoor wedding in winter do choose dresses for your wedding party that will suit the weather and do let your guests know what to expect so that they as well can dress properly. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you plan a summer wedding you will need to take into consideration that your guests may get hot so choose a shady location or if it is unavoidable and you must choose a sunny location provide fans and/or bottled water to your guests to combat the suns effects. 

What time of day do you want your ceremony to take place? 
This also coincides with the previous point of what time of year. It gets darker earlier in the Fall and Winter and stays lighter in the Spring and Summer months. Two good examples of a reasoning to consider this is lighting and photos. If you are planning to walk down a candle lit path in the Summer time you will have to have your ceremony take place much later in the day than if you chose to have it in the Fall season. Also, you will want to know where the sun will be at the time of day you plan to get married because you want to avoid the direct glare of the sun into your one wants squinty eyes in their photos or to feel uncomfortable during this romantic time. 

Are there noises like cars, airplanes, a train, or even church bells that will distract from your ceremony?
Be sure to visit you ceremony venue during the time slot you plan to get married to be sure there won't be any disturbances. Also, ask someone who is in charge of the space if they are aware of any other events occurring the same day in the general area and to let you know if the location has any little quirks you should know about.

There will be are outside. How will you plan to deal with them?
Swatting at pesky bugs would certainly be distracting while trying to indulge in the special moment of getting married to the love of your life, so I recommend considering these ways to keep that from happening. Having someone mist the area with bug spray about 45min. to a hour before your ceremony is a good idea if you feel bugs may be an issue. We like Off! for deep woods spray. If the venue does not allow you to use the spray you can always get the clip on version to strategically place under chairs and/ or decorative arrangements. Even citronella candles could do the job. 

How will you decorate? Consider breezy wind and melting/withering heat?
You won't want your decorations to wither, melt, or be knocked over by the wind before or during your ceremony so do take careful consideration in choosing your decor. For example...If you are using real flowers choose flowers that will withstand the weather conditions they will be met with when displayed or go with fake flowers. Us glass containers to contain the flame of any candles you decorate your space with. Also, don't use non-weighted or unpinned fabrics that will likely catch the wind and possibly knock things like candles or other decor over or create other distractions. Decorating a cupola, gazebo, arch, or surrounding trees are a great way to get a fabulous look and keep decorations safe from the elements. 

Words of Wisdom
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~Don't forget to think about what will be in the backdrop of your ceremony pictures. For example...If you plan to get married in a rose garden that sits in between a park and a road with houses be sure to position the ceremony location where the blooms will shine in the backdrop not people walking their dogs or cars driving out of a driveway of someone's home.

~Remember your bridesmaids will have to walk through grass, rocks, dirt, or other rough outdoor terrain so be kind and let them walk with a groomsman or if for religious reasons they are walking separately take into consideration as to what shoes you ask them to wear. 

~Make it clear on the invitation or by word of mouth that you are planning an outdoor wedding. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness to tell them.

~Bring bath towels or paper towels to soak up water off chairs just in case of a sprinkle before the ceremony...none of your guests will appreciate soggy seats.

Hire a Wedding Planner
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At Designing Memories we are big fans of outdoor weddings and consider this type of ceremony to be one of our specialties, so if you have dreams of a beautiful outdoor wedding contact us to see how we can help make your dreams come true without all the hassle and stress.