Monday, June 25, 2012


If you said wow when you saw these pictures you might be wondering how that look was achieved. Was it the beautiful floral arrangements or maybe the fancy linens? Although both elements certainly add to the overall look and appearance it is the lighting that makes the room glow with a romantic ambiance that will never be forgotten.


Where to get it:
You can hire a lighting specialist, utilize your local party rental center, request your DJ's lighting package, shop at your local craft store or ask your wedding planner!
What are your options:
Pin or Spot: This is a more direct lighting source. It is typically used to highlight centerpieces, your cake, or portions of the wall. Lighting like this can accent your space beautifully and give you just the right pop of color you are looking for.
Wall Wash: This is a broad lighting source that will cover large portions of the walls or ceiling in just about any color you request. Lighting like this will blanket your space in mood setting color.
Gobo: A lighting option that has gained popularity and is a fun way to personalize your wedding. Typically a monogram or pattern template of some sort is designed special for you and shines onto the dance floor or behind the head or sweetheart table. Many DJs will have a repertoire of patterns they will use on the dance floor as your guests dance.
Hanging Lanterns: Lanterns come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and glow from within by a little battery operated light. They are often used to create interest on the ceiling of a tented wedding. Since they appear to be floating along overhead they tend to create a playful fairytale effect with their glowing ambiance.
Fairy or Twinkle Lights: Fairy lights are typically LED so the can be used just about anywhere. Twinkle lights need an electrical source but pack all the same effects of the fairly lights. Both create that magical feeling you get looking into a field of fireflies on a summer night.
Submersibles: These little points of light can turn a pretty centerpiece into a stunning one. There are many ways to use them...layer them within glass pebbles, place them within a centerpiece to make it appear to glow, or submerge it into the bottom of a water filled glass container and add flowers or a floating candle. Since they are LED they are cordless so need to worry about plugging them in.You can purchase this type of lighting at your local craft store or rent it.
Candle Light: This type of  lighting is the least expensive way to give your space that romantic glow you are looking for. Votives and pillars are the best and most commonly used because they will last throughout your whole event and cast a warm inviting glow throughout the room.