Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Favor Tower Centerpieces

Favor tower centerpieces are a unique way to wow your guests.
 They are easy to make and a great way to save money 
without looking like you have skimped on your wedding budget.

Fill 4"x6"x6" boxes with paper shred and any sort of personalized favors you like.
Seal the boxes with a dab of hot glue or tape and wrap them like a present using decorative ribbon.
Create thank you cards instructing your guests to help themselves to part of the centerpiece when they leave.
Fold the napkins to hold each of your thank you cards as an extra special touch.
Set each of your guest tables with a tower of favors and a directional thank you card.
Add fresh flowers to the towers and scatter gems or petals for a little something extra as shown above.

Watch your guests enjoy the memory you have created for them!

Thank you to Jasmine Photography
Find boxes, shred, and other wedding decor must haves at papermart.com and theflowerexchange.com