Sunday, June 12, 2011

Centerpiece Inspiration

 This is a perfect centerpiece for all you wine lovers out there. If you are looking for fun and inexpensive wedding centerpieces you have found some inspiration here. 

I used an empty wine bottle, a martini glass, a mirror, wine corks, fresh flowers, and a few petals to create this centerpiece.

Wine Bottle: There are lots of festivities surrounding your wedding day which can often include drinking your favorite wine so you may be able to collect the bottles for free through family and friends. If you feel you may not collect enough bottles in time for your wedding reception you could check with your local winery for bottles they are getting rid of due to small defects or for ones they will sell to you...maybe for a good deal if their logo is on the label. Another option would be to buy bottles shaped like wine bottles at a craft store like Michael's or The Flower and Craft Warehouse.
The Martini Glass: You could purchase these anywhere glassware is sold, but if you are looking for a good deal you could pick up similar martini glasses at a dollar store.
Mirror: The mirror pictured is a 12" round beveled edge round mirror. They come in many other shapes and sizes.You can purchase them at craft stores, but for a less expensive option you can rent them from a bridal rental store. I usually use Expressions of Love in Mt. Aetna for this type of rental.
Wine Corks: You can save the wine corks from the bottles of wine you save or ask you reception venue if they might save some for you at their next event. You can also get them at Michael's craft store or online. If you aren't fond of the the wine corks substitute them with a votive candle or large flower to create the same look.
Fresh Flowers: I consider myself to be lucky with a yard filled with flowers so I cut the pictured irises and roses for free from my own backyard. If you don't have a yard filled with flowers you can order them from you favorite florist or I was able to fit about 8 blooms (irises have stalky stems) into my wine bottle. If you want a fuller look I suggest using hydrangea or a flower with a thinner stem. Hint: If you order your flowers ahead of time ask the florist or customer service rep. to give you instructions on how to keep them fresh. If possible have them delivered on the day of or day before your wedding reception. If you are allergic to flowers or rather not be bothered with trying to preserve fresh flowers go with faux flowers. You can find them in craft stores and they come in many varieties.
Petals: I just plucked a few petals from a rose to accent the centerpiece with scattered petals.

Remember part of the fun is that they don't all have to match!